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Why Ecwid is the Greatest Ecommerce Platform for Companions


The ecommerce space is growing more crowded these days as new players enter the fray of a competitive industry. But with a growing number of choices, it can be hard to know what ecommerce platform is right for your business.

When you’re shopping around, ask yourself: Does a certain platform care about small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)? Does it integrate well with your business website? Is it easy for merchants to use and adapt as their business grows? Does it play well with other solutions?

Or, on the other hand, does it lock you into its ecosystem of payment portals and apps? Does it nickel and dime you with fees on top of other fees? Does it require a developer to set up and maintain customer stores?

In other words, is it “monolithic” — meaning that once you join, it’s essentially impossible to leave or integrate outside technologies and services?

At Ecwid, we pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve been focused on helping SMBs achieve success from day one. We think it’s important that businesses of all sizes have the ability to sell online using the technology solutions they want to use, instead of being required to use them because of a forced lack of options.

We’ve already touched on why Ecwid is better than our competitors in other blog posts. But let’s look at a few reasons why Ecwid is the best ecommerce platform for partners of every size, industry, or level of development — and how we leave our competitors in the dust.

1. We have an open ecosystem

Unlike many of our competitors, we play nice with other technology services. When you join the Ecwid platform, we will never lock you out from using a certain payment gateway, POS system, logistics provider, or other business solution. We don’t have our own “EcwidPay” system that we force you to use, for example. And unlike our competitors, we will never charge any transaction fees for using the solution of your choice.

Instead, we work to integrate new companies, providers, and technologies every day. That’s because we believe that working together makes all of us stronger and more successful. Instead of “Less is more,” in this case we believe more is more — that is, our customers and their merchants should be able to use the technology they like to help achieve their business goals.

We keep our platform’s ecosystem open so that more solutions are open and available to our users.

2. We offer a customizable partner program

Some of our competitors offer opportunities to partner with their platforms, but none of them offer the level of choice and customization that Ecwid does. As a business partner, you can choose the model you want to use to sell the Ecwid ecommerce platform in a few different ways:

  • Resell — Sell Ecwid’s ecommerce solution on your website, priced as you see fit to complement your core business and increase your gross margin.
  • Refer — Get and give a specific link to your customers to sign up on the Ecwid platform on their own, and you’ll earn a lifetime commission for each signup.

You can also choose your branding method:

  • White label — Offer Ecommerce alongside your other products on your website with no mention of Ecwid. It’s your ecommerce, your way.
  • Co-branded — Feature your branding right alongside Ecwid’s so that your customers know and trust your ecommerce solution as being among the best.

Depending on the method with which you choose to sell ecommerce, Ecwid offers a wide range of customization options that enable you to sell ecommerce the way you want — with your branding and logos next to your other services.

If you’d prefer to co-brand ecommerce and show off your partnership with Ecwid, we offer those options as well. Ultimately, our goal is to find the right-sized partnership for your business that allows you to grow and scale your business as quickly as you’d like, rather than pigeonhole you into a one-size-fits-all partnership that doesn’t suit your business at all like our competitors do.

3. We provide a headless commerce solution

In addition to our various partnership options, Ecwid also offers an array of developer tools that enable you to further customize the ecommerce experience your customers will receive. These include our robust APIs and SDKs, such as our headless SDK, which takes customization and optimization a step further than even some of our other partnership options.

As you’ll remember from a previous Ecwid blog post, SDKs or “software development kits” are what developers use to create new applications for and enhancements to a given software platform. With Ecwid’s headless SDK, businesses can add Ecwid’s powerful ecommerce solution to their platform or website without being tied to a certain user interface. This level of truly seamless integration and complete customization just isn’t offered (and isn’t possible) by our competitors.

* * * * *

We hope this gives some insight into why we (and our partners) believe Ecwid is the best ecommerce solution for businesses of all sizes, but SMBs in particular. As many business owners can attest, SMBs have tight margins and can’t really afford to start over with all of the software and applications they use just because a platform they use mandates it.

SMBs need to be able to be fluid in terms of the technology solutions they use as the market changes and their business adapts with it. One of the great things about Ecwid is how customizable and scalable it is: merchants can easily modify and adjust their online stores to reflect their business needs.

But it’s not just merchants and online store owners that need adaptability. Our ecommerce platform is built to be flexible to reflect the wide-ranging needs of both our merchants and our partners. And the Ecwid Partner Program is designed to be easy for partners to work with, and it provides an easy way to drive growth for their businesses by bringing in new customers and revenue streams.

So as you’re looking at ecommerce options for your SMB customers, ask yourself what makes more sense for your business:

A platform that:

  • is more expensive;
  • forces you to use certain software, which don’t work with other solutions;
  • and locks your business into its platform ecosystem?

Or Ecwid, the platform that:

  • costs less;
  • works seamlessly with social media, major retailers and any existing business website;
  • and constantly adds new software and solution integrations?

The choice is pretty clear to us and many other business owners across the world. But the question is: are you ready to make business easier for your self — and your customers?




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