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Uncovering knowledge insights opened new profession dimensions



I am a B.Com graduate who did Masters in Business Strategy and Innovation Management in the UK and worked for 2 years in a manufacturing concern as Marketing Executive. I then found interest in Data Science which is one of the highly sought-after jobs in today’s world. That’s when I applied for a PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics at Great Learning. 

My biggest professional challenge was that I wasn’t able to apply for a specific job role at which I am good. It was because both my UG and PG were totally based on basic business perspectives. I couldn’t mention any specific field in which I could assure that I am good at. graduate who has now ended up in the technical field. I used to hate computer science in school which made me opt for commerce. Now here I am finding interest within the analytical field and experimenting with new stuff. This is a huge transition according to me. 

The learning of Data Analytics via The Great Lakes was very informative for a beginner like me in the Data Science field. Though it was an online session, the way they kept track to make us always be in line with the study process was so encouraging. And their ‘excelerate’ Job opportunity portal helped me in every way to find a job as per my likes. 

A thorough study of the curriculum assigned to us every week and working out on the Practice exercises helped me a lot.

The curriculum and mentor support helped me a lot to know about data science from the basics and also the process of learning the module segregated on a weekly basis helped to understand things easily and also the mentor sessions each week helped to ask doubts when we don’t understand certain topics. 

I feel really happy to have ended up in an AI and ML-based company. Because this totally focuses on data science. I would like to learn the specifics of the role for the next few months and become eligible to be able to lead a project in the future and earn promotions year after year.

One needs to work on every module after learning it. Ask questions to mentors when you connect with them during every mentor class. Make use of the Great Learning’s Excelerate portal for applying for jobs constantly. Don’t worry about whether you would be eligible for the job as per the specifications, apply for everything. You would definitely earn the job while you work hard for it.  





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