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Tread slowly however steadily to attain milestones of success



Whether you are from a tech background or not, you can take up the PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course if you are interested in entering the field of Data Science. Read further to learn about Gagan’s journey with the course in his own words.

My journey with Great Learning has been incredibly interesting and unusual. With Post Graduation in English Literature, a Bachelor’s in Education, 4 years of experience as an educator, and zero coding background.

I entered the arena of Data Science and Business Analytics with the hope to transform my career. But the lack of confidence and the nervousness of stepping into a different world with no prior expertise felt like entering into a Warfield without armor. The only shield I had was the determination to learn something so innovative and trending.

Soon, the superior learning material, thoughtful program managers, and exceptionally qualified mentors eased the agony and alleviated my fears. Steadily, after each mentored learning session with Abhishek Garg, it started to feel smoother than ever. He catered to even our stupidest queries and never let us feel hesitant. And most importantly, always kept insisting upon us to keep practicing without procrastinating to another day. 

The mentoring session played a huge role. Mentor was very helpful and was always around to clear our doubts and it was his way of guiding and teaching that paved the way to smooth completion of the Capstone Project.

And now I am here on the verge of receiving my Certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics. The path which once seemed bumpy and bouncy became so even due to self-determination and the constant support of the Great Learning team. Anybody who wishes to excel in the field of Data Science and Business Analytics can trust the expertise of Great Learning. They just need to tread slowly but steadily to achieve milestones of success.





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