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Monday, December 5, 2022
HomeElectronicsTindie Weblog | Raspberry Pi Powered Multi-Results Pedal!

Tindie Weblog | Raspberry Pi Powered Multi-Results Pedal!

Playing a guitar or a synth is a great way to unwind, make some noise and rock out – with effects pedals frequently used to expand the sounds you can get out of them! Well, the pi-Stomp Core – HD Multi-FX for Guitar/Bass/Keys is a device capable of multiple simultaneous effects, with a colour LCD screen, a neat interface, and a completely open source design.

This pi-Stomp Core is the second generation of the design, which comes with a massive 350 possible audio effects to utilise and chain together! It comes as a kit with all you need to build a working system, and detailed CAD designs for drilling a standard aluminum enclosures is provided in the product Wiki.

Once the pedal is complete ,you can use the LCD to see an overview of the effects and navigate using the rotary encoder for fast changes of the pedalboard. Change the preset, bypass the effects, enter deep editing and global settings to cater the pedal to your setup!

To use the software, connect your computer via WIFI and use the intuitive drag-n-drop MOD UI webapp to create and edit the many virtual pedalboards online – which allows for up to a dozen simultaneous plugins at any one time.

The piStomp Core is made by Tree Fall Sound who have shipped the original mk1 design to over 11 countries worldwide. Proof that you can never have too many effects!



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