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Tindie Weblog | PlayBaby: Ps D-Sub Adapter!

The original Sony Playstation changed gaming forever, bringing it out of the darkened, slightly sweaty bedrooms of gamers and into mainstream consciousness – ushering in new 3D worlds with big-beat soundtracks capable of being housed on super-cool black CDs. The PlayBaby DSUB (RGB|240p|480p) Adapter For PlayStation is a neat device to help rekindle your affection for the console, and its sequel – the Playstation 2, with a D-Subminiature output for 480p gaming, with no other gear required.

This A/V multi output adapter will output video from the console as well as sound from a 3.5mm socket. While it doesn’t do any upscaling or transcoding, it does ensure that your VGA signal brings a sharp quality to your gaming experience, surpassing any unshielded SCART cables you may have. It requires no power, has no buttons and works for both the PS1 (aka the PSX and the PS2 – but do read the product page for specifics. As always, if you are unsure of anything before purchasing – send the seller a message and they’ll take care of you.

The PlayBaby is sold by Chipnetics Computing who are based in Canada, and seem to be pretty hot on making converters for a host of purposes. Can we also take a moment to admire these gorgeous images, too? Perhaps the best I’ve ever seen on Tindie!



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