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Tindie Weblog | Study About Superior Analog Audio!


If you want to start building your own synths and learning about analog audio, the Awesome Analog Audio Kit is the product for you! Featuring 9 audio-oriented projects developed by a former Graduate Student Instructor, this kit provides an exciting and well-explained introduction to analog audio circuits.

There are 9 documented audio experiments in this kit, ranging from learning how to create square and sine waves all the way to creating an instrument out of a pencil drawing! It not only provides you with detailed, hand-drawn circuit diagrams – but actually explains why these circuits work using extensive circuit analysis. All of this information is contained within a full-colour 30-page booklet, which lets you quickly refer to each experiment.

This kit teaches you the fundamentals of working with an Operational Amplifier, often referred to as an ‘Op-Amp’. The Op-Amp is an endlessly valuable component to synth DIYers and is used to amplify electrical signals. Op-Amps use two input pins and one output pin – they read both input signals and then output the amplified difference between them.

The Awesome Analog Audio Kit comes packaged with all the components you’ll need to create these circuits. The kit is well suited to beginners and experts alike, forming real-world examples of exciting electronics concepts such as; 

  • Kirchhoff’s current and voltage laws
  • Ideal op-amp relationships
  • RC (resistor-capacitor) circuit transient analysis
  • Frequency gain-phase analysis.

Educational Circuits are an independent electronics company based in Lafayette, USA. A new seller on Tindie, they develop circuit kits and projects designed to teach engineering concepts to beginners and experts alike. Keep an eye out for more of their products in the future!




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