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Tindie Weblog | Helpful Video Enhancing Macropad and Jog Wheel!


If you’ve ever edited a video, you’ll understand why this Basic Video Editing Macropad and Jog Wheel might come in handy. With so much scrolling back and forth finding particular places to chop, a hyper-accurate jog wheel set up could save you hours of fiddly finger work!

Powered by the well-loved Seed XIAO controller, this speedy macropad is easy to assemble and use. Designed to be inexpensive and simple to build, this jog-wheel macropad connects directly to your computer and needs no extraneous parts like batteries or LEDs.

This macropad is programmable in CircuitPython and works straight off the bat without the need for specialist software to assign the key bindings – commonly known as ‘keymaps’. Keymaps assign macros to each key, and macros can be programmed to do multiple actions from a single keypress. One good example of this is the ‘paste’ command, usually triggered by hitting ‘Ctrl’ and ‘V’ simultaneously. With a macropad, you could assign this combination to a single key – letting you speed-run your copy and pasting!

This DIY Kit comes with everything you need to get the jog wheel rotary encoder up and running. Including 3 PCB plates, a monster-sized CNC rotary encoder, a 4 pin connector, Dupont wires, 5 brass stand-offs, screws, and bumpers. This macropad is incredibly powerful and hackable to whatever needs you may have. With the addition of the XIAO controller, keycaps, and Gateron mechanical switches (purchasable directly from the maker as add-ons), it fills a lot of gaps in your keyboard and mouse setup.

BlueMicro is an independent DIY electronics company based out of Saskatoon, Canada. They ship almost anywhere in the world, and sell a variety of Macropads for many uses. Why not check out the wireless version of this jog wheel, the Wireless Video Editing Macropad and Jog Wheel?




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