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Tindie Weblog | CutieCat LED Pin Badge!


Stand out from the pack with the brilliantly designed CutieCat by n°Garage. Featuring a gorgeous matte black and white PCB that houses two bright green ‘cat-eye’ LEDs, this little kitten comes to life with a flick of a switch!

The CutieCat is the perfect backpack or clothing accessory, fitting easily to any material with a pin on it’s tail. The cat itself takes a cute and playful prowling pose – with its tail raised and paws ahead, ready to strike! The LEDs in the eyes are a brilliant shade of green, ‘purr’fectly portraying a pair of bright green cat eyes.  It has a lead-free HASL finish which looks really sharp.

Powered by a tiny CR2302 coin battery, this badge is easy to keep ready and powered on for a long time. Its small form factor means that it is perfect as an accessory, and the PCB has been cleverly designed to keep the electronic backbone out of sight.

n°Garage is a maker based out of Calgary in Canada, willing to ship worldwide. They’ve been with us on Tindie since 2019 and have a strong history in creating beautiful badges like this CutieCat. If you want to see even more unique creations, check out their Tindie storefront!




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