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Tindie Weblog | Breakout Board To Match MIDI Voltages!

When building MIDI instruments, you need to be sure they interact with each other correctly –  mixed voltage systems can be a nightmare. The ‘MIDI In-and-Out Module for 3.3v‘ hopes to turn that nightmare into a dream, allowing you to attach MIDI components directly to your 3.3v projects with no hassle!

For instruments to communicate correctly over MIDI they must be speaking the same language, and the language of MIDI is spoken using high or low levels of voltage. When using 3.3v microcontrollers such as the Teensy, attaching standard 5v MIDI inputs or outputs can be complicated.

Most 3.3v systems can only accept voltages of up to 3.3v before malfunctioning, meaning that 5v MIDI inputs can cause serious issues – thankfully these can be overcome by using a level shifter within your circuit. This module acts in a very similar way to a level shifter without the need for any external components – creating a hardwearing and adaptable MIDI interface for your project!

This handy breakout board contains everything you need to quickly add MIDI control. Featuring a 3.3v supply voltage, a MIDI input jack, a MIDI output jack, and an optocoupler to ensure that any 5v signals get stepped down to the correct voltage – this device does just about everything you could need from a 3.3v MIDI breakout board. Arriving fully assembled and tested, you can plug this straight into your project using its 2.0mm spaced pin headers and get making music!

Midimonster is an independent company based out of Hilden, Germany and willing to ship almost worldwide. With 25 years of experience in electronic music and 20 years in electronics development, the maker provides others with the products he couldn’t find when he needed them.



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