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This genius concept may get rid of phone name anxiousness for good


Some people suffer from anxiety whenever they receive a telephone call and sometimes that comes from not knowing what the person who is calling wants. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could know what that call is about before we answer it?

That’s something that Dan Mall’s wife also thought, so he set about creating a concept of what that might look like. The result is a system that has the caller enter the reason for their call before placing it. Then, that description appears on-screen when you receive the call on your iPhone. It’s a simple fix for a real problem.

The concept also imagines a world where the iPhone would automatically send a call to voicemail if no description has been provided, adding another layer or protection.

While it seems unlikely that this would work with standard telephone calls, Apple could definitely apply it to both video and audio FaceTime calls — although the voicemail thing wouldn’t work seeing as there’s no voicemail for FaceTime at all.

I think this would be a brilliant addition to iOS and I’d love to see Apple implement some version of it if only for call screening purposes. The best iPhone is an iPhone that I never have to talk on as far as I’m concerned! I can’t be the only one who feels that way, surely?




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