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The Highway To Autonomy Podcast – Self-Driving Vehicles


David Silver

Grayson Brulte recently hosted Cruise Senior Director Prashanthi Raman on his Road to Autonomy podcast. Raman is a leader on Cruise’s government affairs team. The episode was great — they discussed public policy, Cruise’s all-electric fleet, California regulators, and more.

That got me looking at past episodes of the podcast. I found a whole bunch that I’m excited to play, and one I played immediately.

That was Brulte’s episode with Alan Ohnsma n, Forbes Senior Transportation Editor. Alan is one of the most informed and perceptive minds in autonomous vehicles.

Their discussion ranged from electric vehicles to autonomous trucking to public transit to logistics to the Los Angeles Olympics. It is amazing.

I recommend both episodes, and probably the entire podcast series, highly.




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