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The Proper Mixture of Idea and Arms-on utility – Kamal Divi


MIT Professional Education’s Applied Data Science Program, in collaboration with Great Learning, is facilitated by the world-renowned faculty at MIT which guarantees best quality of knowledge imparted.

Kamal Divi, a former learner of the program, testifies the credibility and accuracy of this program in his review. He mentions that this is the best program for people aspiring to build a career as a data scientist. Kamal writes that,

“I highly recommend the Applied Data Science Program from the MIT Professional Education delivered in partnership with Great Learning to anyone considering a career path in the data science domain. This program enabled me to learn from the highly renowned MIT faculty in the field of data science and machine learning while interacting with the data science practitioners who served as mentors.”

The program modules are designed to strike the right balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. The online lectures ensure that the learners are thorough with the concepts relating to the field. The capstone project is assigned to each learner, which enables them to learn about the practical aspect of data science. Kamal writes that,

“This program is very carefully designed with the right mix of theory and programming, real-life projects, experienced faculty & mentors, and a highly motivated team who will make sure you will have one of the great learning experiences!”

The easily accessible online portals and lectures facilitate easy and smooth learning. Kamal Divi writes in his review that,

“The self-service Olympus portal and MIT ADP Slack channel have been very effective tools to access the content, track progress and collaborate with other students, especially for a working professional like me who has a busy daytime schedule.”

The program allows the learners to network with mentors and peers in similar fields. This networking helps the learners to gain a border perspective and learn and explore new things from the people around them. 

According to Kamal, 

“Overall, the learning sessions, interaction with the mentors, and networking with other learners have been top-notch! The team has done a phenomenal job with overall communication, learning session facilitation, guidance, and 24×7 help! Five stars across the board!”

If you are looking to make a successful career in applied data science, this is the most sought-after program to choose. 



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