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That toy telephone on a string that you simply had as a child now makes and takes actual calls


That toy phone on a string that you had as a baby now makes and takes real calls

Back in 1961, toymaker Fisher-Price introduced its Chatter Telephone for those 12 to 36 months old. The toy was a plastic phone that came with a string and four wheels so that it could be pulled along by a child. You might consider it to be the first mobile phone.

The toy became a big hit for Fisher-Price; babies would sit and play or pull the toy telephone as they walked moving the phone’s eyes up and down, and creating “fun ringing sounds.” The dial introduces young ones to the numbers 0-9 while teaching babies and toddlers the concept of making phone calls.

Now, according to CNET, Fisher-Price has turned its Chatter Telephone into a real phone for adults. Yes, the eyes still wobble up and down, the rotary dial still uses a rainbow of colors, and there is still a red handset that you talk into and listen through. A limited number of phones, priced at $60 or $1 for each year the toy has been around, were offered through Best Buy. Another batch of phones was shipped to the big box retailer this past Thursday.

Using Bluetooth, the Chatter Telephone syncs with your iOS and Android device. Chatter repeats every number that you dial to give you an audible confirmation that you’ve dialed the right number. A lock switch prevents the phone from rolling off of a desk, and there is a speakerphone included with the device allowing you to make hands-free calls. The phone will give you up to nine hours of talk time before you need to charge the battery.

The Chatter Telephone is functional and nostalgic at the same time. You can order it now from Best Buy.




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