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Step into spring in model with enormous financial savings at Tory Burch



Tory Burch

Spring isn’t too far away, and Tory Burch has all the fashions you need to step into the new season in style. And right now, it has them for less during its semi-annual winter sale. There are huge savings available, with hundreds off of sale items including shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear apparel. Though not for too much longer, as today is the final day of this sale, so be sure to get your orders in soon. You can see the entire sale selection here:

No matter what look you’re going for, Tory Burch has tons of styles to get excited about. If you like colorful and bold, you can grab this Perry Bombé Color Block mini-bag for $119 off. If sleek and professional is more your speed, you could go for this English mohair blazer, which is down over $200 from its original price. Or if you’re getting ready for sunny days by the beach, you could pick up a pair of these Kira quilted sandals, which are over half off right now. It should also be noted that several items won’t ship for a few weeks, so if you’re hoping to get something soon, be sure to double-check the shipping date before you order.




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