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Samsung Galaxy S22 Extremely backplate confirms waterdrop digicam design?


We have seen several designs of what could be the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. These images suggest that the device will feature a boxier design that resembles the Galaxy Note series. Renders also indicate that the new device will also fit the S Pen within its body, which means that the Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the perfect smartphone for all of those fans who are waiting for a new iteration of the Note. The problem is that leakers seem to have different ideas about the final design of the back of the upcoming device. Some suggest that it will feature a new waterdrop design; others suggest that the camera module will look like a P or like an 11. However, the latest leak may come to make things clear once and for all.

A new alleged leak of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has emerged. This leak shows us what seems to be the backplate of the upcoming device. The image makes us believe that we may indeed get a water drop camera design on the back of the device, just like the one we saw on the LG Velvet and other, more affordable Samsung Galaxy devices. The image was spotted on Weibo, and it looks convincing, but it is still a rumor, so take it with salt.

Suppose you want to take a better look at the possible water drop design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. In that case, you can check out a video created in collaboration by LetsGoDigital and Technizo Concept. I like this new approach, as this possible new design would help the new Galaxy S22 Ultra stand out, and to be honest, I would’ve loved to see this camera design in the more affordable Galaxy S22 models. Still, then again, the idea could be to make the Ultra model more appealing.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Whatever the case, we will have to wait until we get official renders or some official information confirming this new design before giving it any credibility. And remember that rumors also suggest that the device may take longer to launch, as it could be announced during the next MWC 2022 due to the ongoing component shortage affecting the tech world.

Source Weibo

Via Android Authority

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