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Secure Safety Interview Expertise for Software program Engineer (On-Campus)

SAFE Security (priorly known as Lucideus) conducts an on-campus drive in selected colleges and this drive has 5-6 rounds of interviews.

First Round: This is an online round that has the very easy aptitude and Computer science fundamental MCQ questions. These questions are easily available for practice on the internet. Most of the people in my college are very easily able to clear this round.

Second Round: This round is the face-to-face interview round where an interviewer asks the questions from your resume and some basic Programming and networking questions.

Third Round: This round is with the HR where the cultural fitment of an individual is checked. It is a very comforting and easy round. You just need to stay positive and focused to crack it.

Fourth Round: This round is the telephonic round where an HR from the firm calls and talks to you about the company and the knowledge you hold about it. They can even ask you ‘Why would you like to join us?’ 

Fith Round: This round is with the CEO of the company (Saket Modi), where he mostly asks about your family and other stuff. You can even discuss your latest achievements with him to make an impression. You may have an HR sitting in the background to notice your body language while you are being interviewed by the CEO.

Overall this company has several rounds in their interview procedure but the difficulty level is not so high. In short, it can be easily cracked.

Note: If you have made up your mind to join this firm then be ready to get on your toes and run as fast as you can! 😉



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