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High quality – Standing out from the Crowd


Our customer base also shares insights on ingenious new applications that they have found for our cobots. We use these layers of feedback to ensure continuous improvement based on the real-world application requirements across our entire product range. Simply put, UR has unique and unparalleled insight into the quality requirements of cobot users. And our global reach, which grew massively following UR’s acquisition by our parent company Teradyne, ensures that we can continue to set high quality standards not just for ourselves and the wider industry, but for our suppliers too – all with the aim of providing end-users with a flexible, high quality cobot.

Every day we turn the lights on in our manufacturing facility and humans and cobots begin working together, it gives me great pleasure to see how diligently our employees work on making a better product. And, over time, like so many of our customers, we see the numbers adding up in terms of improved quality and increased production in our manufacturing processes. Every day is a constant journey of striving to doing better than we did yesterday. If we achieve that target, it’s been a good day and it’s a good preparation for tomorrow.




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