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Subsequent iPhone SE Brings MAJOR Modifications, Galaxy S22 Extremely Wanting Superior & extra! (video)


And for everyone that complains that we don’t talk about Sony, the official news today begin with, Xperias! Yay. As yes, the company just sent out press invitations for an event happening next Tuesday, October 26th which actually means 11PM Eastern on October 25th for us on this side of the world. And according to their teasers, we’ll be getting a new flagship! So far the teasers had been very vague but now, Sony just posted a video that strictly talks about the camera features. The video mentions the Xperia 1 Mark 3, the Xperia Pro and the 5 Mark 3, where one of the photographers describes this new flagship as a camera with a phone attached, while another one called it a game changer. I know, a ton of PR but hey, it sets the tone that we should expect something camera centered for this new smartphone. Honestly, I’m just very excited for the A7 4 they announced earlier this week.. But stay tuned to our socials as we’ll be posting whatever gets announced, I just hope they deliver.

Let’s switch over to leaks for the rest of the show because honestly, I don’t think I could stand another official announcement right now. Beginning with Macs. I know.. We just got two new Macs this Monday that we still haven’t received in the mail but naturally, we have some information for what the company will be releasing next.. According to the tipster Dylan, the MacBook “Air” moniker will die, and it will be re-announced as the new MacBook, which actually makes some sense. He claims it’ll be released in the middle of next year and it’ll feature a MagSafe connector, a 1080p webcam, a 30W power adapter, USB-C ports and no fans once again. We’ll be getting similar color options to the base model iMac, white keyboard and white bezels.. I know that sounds ugly but it might also bring a notch so it gets uglier. He says that it’ll bring a similar case design to the current MacBook Pro while being thinner and lighter and it will be powered by the M2 chip, starting at the same price point we get now. And since we just mentioned iMacs, we got a new tweet from Ross Young where he claims that we’re getting a 27-inch miniLED iMac in Q1 of next year and it’ll bring ProMotion features. We don’t have much information other than this as Ross thought this was a successor to the Pro Display XDR when it popped up on his radar but, it looks like we’ll be getting new Macs early next year.. We’ll see how the rumors evolve.

Let’s shift gears on to Samsung and their next flagship. They had an event earlier this week where we got a customizable Z Flip which is pretty cool but, I think these S22 Ultra leaks are getting very interesting. A few weeks ago we got some press renders as well as some leaked specifications but now, we have an image that allegedly belongs to a real-life backplate for the S22 Ultra. This image comes from Weibo but was retweeted by OnLeaks, and we get to see the black color variant and the new camera module. The image shows that the whole back will be flushed, and the cameras will most likely stick out, kind of like we get with the Pro iPhones that I consider to be very elegant. Take this with a grain of salt considering the source but I think this design would be great, and it fits the different images of case molds and renders we’ve been getting so far. Ice Universe claims that this design will be used to shed some weight off the camera module in order to add the S Pen and the phone to retain the same 228 grams we get on the S21 Ultra. He also says that we’ll be getting rounder and slightly fatter displays when compared to the current models. So yeah, let us know if you guys are looking forward to this design because I like it so far.

Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s move back on to Cupertino but we’ll be talking about the iPhone SE for the first time in a while.. We have a new report that was recovered by GSM Arena that claims that Apple may release the third generation iPhone SE early next year, sometime in Q1 or Q2. We’re not entirely sure of the source but we have heard different rumors that had the same time frame. They’re claiming that it’ll bring an iPhone XR-like design but, it won’t bring FaceID so the notch might not be here.. However, I wouldn’t get my hopes up considering the new MacBook Pros. Touch ID will be present here in the power button, like the new iPads, finally, and this will also be Apple’s last LCD iPhone.. The outlet also acknowledged other reports that claimed that this new SE would bring the same design as the current model but they insist that we should expect these changes. We’ve also had trusted sources like Ming Chi Kuo and Ross Young agree with this design but, Kuo recently withdrew his expectations and claimed that we’d see an iPhone 8 once again. This phone will reportedly launch sometime in the Spring, starting at 64 Gigs of storage and retaining the 399 price tag. So for the question of the day.


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