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MyGate App Evaluate – The Solely App Each Housing Society Ought to Use


The rapid pace of urbanization has led to the emergence of several new housing societies and gated communities. Over the years, many of these societies have started using app-based security and community management services. Talking about the options to choose from, MyGate is the most advanced security and community management app. It is the preferred solution for more than 15,000 housing societies across India.

If your society is still stuck with the old school concept of manually entering every visit even with the ongoing pandemic, now is the right time to switch to MyGate. With the MyGate, residents can authorize the entry of every single visitor using their smartphone. More importantly, the data can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

Apart from offering a smart way to authorize entries, the app also boasts several other features to benefit the residents. Using the MyGate app will surely enhance your living experience. Let’s talk about all the features of the app in detail. First and foremost, MyGate does not sell or trade your data. The app encrypts all your data and is GDPR compliant.

It is also ISO 27001 certified, the internationally recognized standard for information security management. The MyGate app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Playstore to download and install. To get started, you need to register with your mobile number or email. Now, choose your society from the list and add your flat/villa details.

Once the management committee approves your request, you can benefit from all the available options in the MyGate app. Not just yourself, you can also add all your family members to get benefited from this app.

Let us see some of the key features of MyGate in detail below:


With MyGate, it is the resident that authorizes or approves entry of all kinds of visitors. Basically, the control is now with both the security guard and the resident. While the residents have to authorize each visit; the app also provides an option to link daily help to your flat/villa to avoid authorizing every day. Additionally, you can also enable the option to auto-approve the entries of delivery executives from services like Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo.

In case no one is at your home to accept the delivery, you can tap on “Leave at Gate” and pick the package later. Before approving the visit, residents can verify the details like name, photo, and purpose of visit displayed within the app. In case of any unfortunate Emergency situation, you can raise a security alert within the app.

There are also options to message or call security. The list of all the emergency numbers in the app is also a handy feature. There is even an option to share a unique passcode with your friends and family, not to make them wait at the entrance gate. The app also provides the option to track the entry and exit time for all the visitors.

Kids Check Out

The MyGate app will notify the residents every single time when their kids try to exit the premises. Parents need to authorize their kid’s exit, giving them complete control over when they can go out. These are some of the well-thought security features which make MyGate stand out from the rest.

Community Management

If you are staying in a gated community, you would have seen or experienced various issues that come up both at a personal level and community level. To give you some examples – you want to fix a leaky tap in your home or the elevator is out of order and you want to raise a complaint, or you want to discuss society-related matters with the management committee – all this and much more can be easily done through various Community features on the MyGate app.

Here are the different sections in the Community tab:

  • Helpdesk
  • Communications
  • Payments (maintenance)
  • Noticeboard
  • Amenities bookings
  • Local services

You can also find the contact details of any nearby service provider from the “Local Services” section. If you need a plumber for a quick repair, you can find one instantly in the MyGate app. You also find their contact details, free time, and reviews. If you are facing any issues regarding your flat or society, raise a complaint through the help desk. The admin will be notified in real-time to assign appropriate staff to resolve the issue.

All the residents can also book the society amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse, and gym. In the communication section, you can host meetings and discussions. If you want to decide on something, there is also an option to conduct a poll.

The app can also be used for paying for utilities like power and water and society dues like maintenance bills.

COVID Protect

The app also received few other features needed to manage the COVID-19 pandemic effectively. The residents will get to know the visitor’s body temperature and whether they are wearing a mask or not. MyGate also integrated the Aarogya Setu app on the guard device to identify the visitors who are at risk. For those who are undergoing their quarantine at home, the MyGate app can mark those specific flats for the recommended duration to limit the possible spread of COVID-19.

Over the last few years, MyGate has also won several awards like Coolest Start-ups in India by Business Today and 42 Start-ups to watch out for by INC42. It also won the “Best Community Management Solution” award at Times Business Awards in 2020 and the “ERP Solution of the Year” award by PropTech in 2021. Currently, MyGate is validating over 60 million visitors per month.

It is also processing more than Rs 500 crore of maintenance payments every month. These numbers are only set to grow in the coming years.

If your society is missing out on all these features, all you need to do is visit or get in touch with them on their toll-free number 1800-123-2084 and book a free demo. You can also refer your society to others and get a referral bonus.




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