I've got a Mid 2015 MacBook Pro running Monterey.
A WD 1TB My Passport quit being recognized by the system after several times of inadvertently being unplugged without ejecting. It's got a micro usb connection that would fall out a lot. The drive lights up and whirrs when connected and the light stays solid but I can't see the drive. Here's what I've tried.

  • A different external drive works
  • Tried a different USB cable
  • Tried different USB port
  • Tried it on another computer w/ same result
  • Enabled see external disks
  • Looked for it in Disk Utility but it doesn't show up.
  • Looked for it with Terminal list command but it doesn't show up
  • Upgraded to Monterey
  • Tried WD Utilities
  • Removed it from external casing to plug in more directly but still is via usb micro interface. Not sure how to put it into another enclosure or interface.
  • Tried to manually force quit the fsck process from activity monitor but there is no fsck process running.
  • Downloaded a couple of different recovery programs Recoverit and Easus and it's not recognized. It did show up with Easeus twice but when I tried to search the disk it spontaneously dropped/disconnected after 2 – 3 minutes.

Of course the files on their are not backed up. I was working my way towards that over the next few days. Anyway I'd like to get at them. I know data recovery would seem to be my next step but I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone had any other suggestions/recommendations. It seems the issue is from the frequent disconnecting without ejecting but I'm not sure what else to try.

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