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It is not on Netflix, however The Digital Transformation First Season is streaming now!



Can these embattled IT execs forge a new vision to drive the company forward? A new video series takes a playful look at the stresses and successes of digital transformation.

It’s the show that has everything. Titanic personality clashes. A battle for the future of the enterprise. High-tech power struggles. Yoga.

No, I’m not talking about Halt and Catch Fire. I’m talking about our new series of videos that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the ups and downs of the digital transformation planning process. It tells the inspiring story of John (VP IT Ops) and Kaden (VP Product) and how they work through their differences to achieve a unified vision under the expert guidance of Susan, a visionary HPE digital advisor/therapist.

Playful it may be, but the series makes some telling points about what can indeed be a rather demanding undertaking. Some of the situations will likely feel familiar to anyone who’s been through it, or is starting out on the journey.

Episode 1: Your digital transformation doesn’t need to have a split personality. John and Kaden are at an impasse. How can they reconcile the need for IT performance and security with the demand for exciting new customer experiences? Tensions are rising, but Susan has seen it all before, and she knows the way forward. In fact, she has a map of the terrain. J and K share a glimpse of hope and a “moment of digital alignment.”

Episode 2:  IT execs use yoga with the HPE Digital Journey Map for digital transformation. Previously on The Digital Transformation Saga, the chances of progress seemed remote. But now Susan calmly guides our heroes on a new course, with the help of … yoga!? More is revealed about the mysterious HPE Digital Journey Map.

Episode 3: The Map. In this episode, Susan lays it all out to an expanded group of stakeholders: “It’s not a project. It’s a culture. And I can help you with that.” With a deeper understanding of The Map, John and Kaden see the future in a new light, and their cascade of inspired ideas starts to shape a proposal for a digital transformation strategy that they can bring to The Board.

There are plans for an Episode 4. I can’t reveal the details, but you can try to figure out what happens next by visiting our Advisory and Professional Services page:

Susan even has her own LinkedIn profile  – you can interact with her here: Digital Susan

And here’s where you can learn more about HPE Pointnext Services and how our experts can help you accelerate your digital transformation – for reals.




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