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ios – Swift Mix: Couldn’t extract a String from KeyPath Swift.KeyPath

I'm trying to observer any changes in object in the core data instance. Here is my code:

class MyClass {
    @objc dynamic var str: String?

final class Article: NSObject {
    @objc dynamic var title: String?
    @objc dynamic var summary: String?
    var myVar: MyClass?

Here is were I'm implementing the observers:

func update(article: Article) {
    titleSubscription = article.publisher(for: .title).sink { value in
    } receiveValue: { _ in
        print("I got something")
    summarySubscription = article.publisher(for: .myVar?.str).sink{ _ in
    } receiveValue: { _ in

But I'm getting this error:

Thread 1: Fatal error: Could not extract a String from KeyPath Swift.KeyPath<Examples.Article, Swift.Optional<Swift.String>>

enter image description here

Any of you knows why I'm getting this error or if there is any work around ?

I'll really appreciate your help.



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