Sunday, July 3, 2022
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IIT Bhilai MTech Interview Expertise

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Hello Everyone, I have done BE in CS, GATE Rank 905  in CS-2022, Category-OBC, CGPA= 9.38

Mode Of Interview: online

Interviewer: Introduce yourself.

I: I introduce myself in short.

Interviewer: Which subject u are comfortable with.

I: Data Structure and Algorithm.

Interviewer: Given a sorted array,  need to insert one more element in it, the best way and time complexity

I:  I told them with insertion sort we can do it and time complexity O(n)

Interviewer: Difference between UDP and TCP 

I: I was able to  say 4 different points  

Interviewer: Okay u can leave 

Thank u, sir  & mam.



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