Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Learn how to Succeed When the Tempo of Electronics Manufacturing Continues to Speed up


Soaring demand for electronics products comes at the same time as falling prices for electronics and components. Skilled labor shortages occur alongside pandemic-related social distancing and travel restrictions. Manufacturers are tasked with adapting to these rapidly changing circumstances as painlessly as possible and without suffering drops in productivity and quality.

No surprise then that the electronics industry has enthusiastically embraced collaborative robots. In a 2021 report that predicts stunning global cobot sales growth of 15-20% year-on-year to 2028, analyst firm Interact Analysis identified the automotive and electronics sectors as the largest end-industry adopters of cobot technologies.

As the electronics sector adapts to change—embracing progressively finer layers of customization and the shift towards more high mix/low volume production runs—flexible automation helps companies keep pace. Collaborative robots are flexible and easy to deploy and redeploy on manufacturing processes from quality inspection and material handling to testing, screwdriving, dispensing and packaging.

That makes Universal Robots’ cobots a perfect fit for electronics manufacturers.

Flex with the best

Our collaborative robots provide manufacturers with a flexible automation platform that can be programmed to take on a virtually limitless set of tasks from cutting and soldering processes to PCB handling, touchscreen testing, parts insertion, dispensing and inspection. Through UR+ –the industry’s most comprehensive ecosystem of certified Application Kits and peripherals designed to integrate seamlessly with UR robots—we offer cobot-powered systems designed to handle specific applications that are critical to electronics manufacturers.




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