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Methods to finest select your AGV’s Wheel Drive supplier

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Developing a new product or optimizing an existing product no longer means just providing a version that performs better than the last one. To be successful, designers and manufacturers must now deliver improved performance, increased efficiency, and smaller footprint. By working with a partner who has expertise in both electromechanical components and systems, you can ensure your system is optimized to meet – and exceed – these expectations.

One of the biggest challenges when designing an electromechanical system is to meet the oftentimes competing objectives of maximizing performance and minimizing footprint. And on top of these requirements, more and more types of devices are being designed to operate on battery power, so efficiency also becomes increasingly important.

But these design goals – high performance, high efficiency, and small footprint – don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Manufacturers of all kinds of components – from motors and actuators to sensors and electronics – have been developing products to meet these specific requirements for several years. The key is to work with a partner who has experience not only manufacturing individual components, but also integrating these components into complete electromechanical systems. Manufacturers who possess both the technology expertise and integration experience, such as Delta Line, can propose creative solutions that help you meet – and even exceed – your design and performance goals.

Case Study: Wheel drives present unique challenges for electromechanical systems

Take, for example, our wheel drives for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots). Because wheel drives – sometimes referred to as wheel hub drives – are battery powered, they need to be as efficient as possible, not only for energy-saving purposes, but also because recharging an autonomous system takes valuable time and costs money. But at the same time, the wheels that drive AGVs and AMRs must be able to operate at high speeds and produce sufficient torque to carry the specified payload while meeting the required acceleration and move profile. And when an electromechanical system is truly integrated, or embedded, into the final product, these challenges become even more complex. Constraints such as footprint and battery size become more rigid, and there are fewer design options that satisfy these requirements…

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More about Delta Line

Delta Line is a global motion solution provider with product options ranging from individual motor, actuator and gearbox offerings to fully customized motion systems up to 1kW. Our extensive portfolio includes brushed ironless and brushless DC motors, stepper motors, linear actuators, gearboxes, encoders, and intelligent drives. Delta Line’s unique corporate structure with global headquarter in Switzerland and a regional office in Denver, CO, combines several co-owned brands with manufacturing facilities on three continents, offering an optimal combination of production flexibility and personalized service, with direct, constant access to our expert commercial and technical engineering teams.

Delta Line defines its success by the success of its customers’ projects. Design, manufacturing, and service work in synergy to generate the right solution for each engineering challenge.

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