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How Synthetic Intelligence is Altering DevOps?


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Many have termed the 21st century as the age of digitalization. Computers and the internet have changed the behavioral design of industries and the world. Every task and every function have been upgraded to fit the fast-paced time. From shopping, entertainment to banking, everything has a digital presence. As a result of the convenience, it has become near to impossible to go back to the time when everything was done manually. These kinds of behavioral changes bring revolution and transform the way humans operate in the world. DevOps helps businesses go digital and work as a catalyst to manufacture and deliver products faster than compared to the ordinary process.


DevOps is basically a combination of development and operations that benefits the industries by optimizing their services. DevOps engineering is about making companies and organizations adaptable enough to change and enhance processes to supply value to customers more quickly. The benefits of using DevOps include accelerating your services in terms of safety, reliability, and productivity. Automation is one of the biggest advantages of DevOps because it allows developers to focus more on more value-adding tasks and not on finding errors or whatsoever. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is known for its automation and minimal human involvement. Both combined together can increase the productivity of any organization. 

Let’s see how AI is related to DevOps:

The Connection Between DevOps and Artificial Intelligence

We all are aware of the magic that Artificial intelligence is bringing to civilization. AI is an evolving branch of computer science involved in establishing intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that require minimum human intelligence. AI is helping businesses with better customer interaction, enhanced service personalization, and significant protection of data. It is changing the way buyer-sellers used to interact.  

As Naval Ravikant said in the Joe Rogan Podcast, “The information age is going to reverse the Industrial Age”. From the human decision-making process to AI automated operations, AI will change how humans work. And this is imminent with DevOps. AI works more efficiently with DevOps. AI and DevOps combined together can code, compile and test software more effectively. Artificial Intelligence can also improve the automation of the DevOps team by quickly identifying and resolving issues that improve productivity and collaboration between the teams. Let’s examine how AI is changing DevOps and in turn business processes:

1. Accelerated Performance Through Automation Tools

AI is an asset to DevOps and aims to build intelligent machines. The automated software testing tool transforms DevOps and saves tons of time, as it accelerates the software development process and makes testing more efficient. Such features can be used to increase efficiency. Intelligent tools by Artificial intelligence, such as code analysis and improvements, can understand the captivity of the code and analyze the changes developers are making. From there, developers can start looking at automated software test tools driven by AI, and these intelligent tools can offer suggestions to every line of code they analyze.  

Since DevOps offers improved participation between development and operations teams, adding AI to reduce unproductive tasks and repetitive tasks, will result in the more result-oriented performance of both teams. With this tool, users can automatically convey the workload of reviews to the members of their groups. These tools provide noise reduction and human involvement within code reviews. 

2. Less Human Involvement

AI automatic testing tools can generate tests automatically, and that too with little to no code at all, so developers don’t have to worry about writing test codes. The AI is evolved enough to automatically generate tests by learning the app flows, screens, and elements that require little to no human involvement. The automation tools are so well built and perform automated audits or checks so frequently that there are almost no instances of errors. They capture feedback at every instant and analyze the input and identify the errors in real-time.  

The intelligence of the tools allows the developers or the team members to reduce participation in test automation creation activities and free up their time to focus on more important and urgent tasks. And eventually, develop a more productive system for the organization.

3. Easy To Maintain and Access Data

AI is proficient in handling big data with minimal human involvement. For DevOps, this means that the huge data sets can now be managed with minimal effort. Since DevOps involves and impacts three functions of an organization simultaneously, it also has tons of data to be managed and maintained on an everyday basis. Accessing the data is another aspect of DevOps that AI can help with. Artificial Intelligence helps compile data from multiple sources and manage it in a way that is useful for consistent analysis of the data. AI can manage the data with speed, consistency, and accuracy. It also provides quality checks and recommendations for enhancing data integrity.

4. Automated Security Detection

With the growing dominance of the internet and AI, one concern that pops up in almost all sectors is cyber security. There have been increased cases of cybercrime, as well as data privacy issues. For a business, this becomes important to keep their processes, models, and software confidential. DevSecOps helps businesses do exactly that and more. DevSecOps brings another segment of security along with development and operations. AI coupled with DevSecOps helps businesses to optimize their security, through automated detection.  

5. Evolve Creativity and Accelerate the Performance

As discussed throughout the article, Artificial Intelligence helps to enhance the developer’s efficiency. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence allows the DevOps team to focus on more pressing tasks without having to worry about errors and issues. AI also helps to increase the speed and productivity of both the operations and development team as well as the program by enhancing automation and accelerating the performance of DevOps. And, in turn, improves customer experience. Simply put, AI improves overall productivity and performance by improving processes through automation.

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