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How a quantum physicist taught a cobot to bop


When she heard that Moore was both a professional ballet dancer and an astrophysicist with a keen interest in robotics, she felt there was a perfect match. We both thought this would be an amazing opportunity to explore these interactions and movements further,” says the Norwegian designer who first loaned Merritt Moore the agencys own UR5e robot and then through a UR distributor helped her borrow the larger UR10e robot with more reach.


So how did she do it? Tune in as Dr. Merrit Moore visits our podcast for an insightful and fun discussion on human-machine learning and what’s next for her and Baryshnibot.





“I was hooked,” says Merritt. “On weekends, after rehearsals and in between shows, I would work with the robot exploring movement.” Her work caught the interest of the new ArtLab at Harvard University in Boston that invited her to be one of their first artists-in-residence to explore this research further.

“This was right before lockdown in Jan-Feb 2020. When the lockdown happened, I did think ‘hmm interesting that I was just working with robots. Who knew that a robot could be my only potential dance partner for a very long time?’ And here we are,” she says.




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