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Problem-Free Distant Entry to UR Cobots in a Time of Covid-19


For busy manufacturers, the implications of Covid-19 are huge: work from home directives, social distancing requirements, labor shortages and absenteeism are existential human resources challenges. Many manufacturers have turned to cobots to adapt their production or to maintain business continuity. But what if there is an issue with your cobot and you have no personnel on site? What if you need to reprogram your cobot to facilitate a new batch, but you can’t find anybody to access the work cell? What if you want to get useful insights on how your cobot is performing, but your facility is on lockdown? And is it possible to program your cobot without having to disinfect the cobot cell afterwards?

Remote access tools are the all-in-one solution to all of these challenges. Available through the UR+ ecosystem, remote access tools allow you to troubleshoot and program your UR cobot securely from remote locations, through your laptop, PC or smartphone. The benefits of remote access are clear at any time –ensure continuity, reduce downtime and eliminate both the need for on site robot programming and the cost of flying robot engineers in to troubleshoot. In a time of Covid-19 however, remote access tools provide even greater value as they can be used to ensure worker health and safety and compliance with regulations governing the manufacturing sector.

Let’s take a look at some of the the UR-certified range of remote access tools available through UR+, along with insights from their makers and testimonials from satisfied –and even ‘surprised’– customers!


Remote access in a time of Covid-19




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