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HashedIn By Deloitte Interview Expertise (Off-Campus) for Freshers

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I have seen some posts on LinkedIn about referrals in HashedIn by Deloitte. I have asked the post owner by sending my resume. One SDE guy referred me and then I got an application form and I filled that.
After a few days, I got a test link.

  • Round 1:Similar to “Program to find whether a given number is power of 2.

  • Question 2: Its Level was also Easy.
    Not exactly remember the Question. But only required to find a bug in the given code and correction of it.

  • Question 3. Its Level is Medium to hard.
    A dice ralted problem was asked

I have done all 3 questions successfully and was curious about the result.
Got an Interview invitation after about one week.

Round2 (Technical Interview 1): The interview started with my brief introduction, then the next 20 mins the interviewer took a rapid-fire on computer fundamentals. Some questions are:

  • Building blocks of OOPs and explain all.  
  • Explain Types of polymorphism.
  • What are the types of Inheritance and explain each with real-time example.
  • Difference between overloading and overriding. 
  • Explain the virtual function and abstract class. 
  • Explain acid properties in DBMS.
  • What is indexing in DBMS.
  • What do you understand by deadlock.
    Difference between TCP and UDP.
    After this, the interviewer asked me to share my screen and open the doc, which he shared on my mail. The doc contains 2 questions and the questions are:
    1. Buy and Sell:
    2. Left View of binary tree:

Got the result after 2 days and an invitation for the next technical interview.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): The interview started with my brief technical introduction, just after the introduction, he asked me to share a screen and open any compiler of my choice. He asked 2 coding questions one after another and the questions are:

Then from my resume, the interviewer asked me to explain my project and if possible show where you have made this by sharing the screen. I have explained my project and shown my project line to line on my desktop.

The same day I got a call from HR that I have cleared this round and was invited to the HR round.

Round 4:

  • College Name(I had appeared on Campus)
  • Father’s Occupation
  • Mother’s Occupation
  • Siblings if any and his/her Occupation
  • Then asked 2 puzzles

I got selected and offered the “Trainee + Software Engineer- I” position.



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