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Information to Net Improvement Value And three Sensible Methods To Save It

The web app market is at its peak. Web apps are getting popular due to essential factors like cost-saving, customization, and fewer updates.

You might be surprised to know that, by the year 2027, the web app market size is about to reach USD 10.44 billion. Therefore, it is important to understand each web development factor before initiating the web development process.

But what about the web development cost? Do you know how much web development costs? On which factors does web development cost depend?

If you want to know the answer to the above questions and find ways to reduce web development costs, you are at the right place. We have created this detailed guide with the help of our web tech lead. After reading this blog, you will have an exact idea of how much web development costs.

How Much Does Web Development Cost?

* The website development cost approx $5,000 to $1,50,000.

* It takes approx 250 hours to build a web app.

Consider this an average website development cost.

The cost of web development depends upon many factors like the complexity of the web app, the developer’s location, hiring model, features, and functionalities. Below we have listed the type of website, features, web development time, and cost.

Type of Website Features Web Development Time Web Development Cost Example
Single Web App
  • Simple web page
  • Static content
3 – 6 weeks Up to $5000 Text Scanner
Medium Web App
  • Admin panel
  • Multiple online payment options
  • Database integration
  • Online payment integration
  • Mobile-first interface
6 – 18 weeks $5000 to $50,000 Spotify
Complex Web App
  • Complete landing page
  • Different pages with multiple user accounts
  • Personalised features
  • Easily tested with automated test
  • Web push notifications
  • User rights management
  • Live chat integration
18 – 25 weeks $50,000 to $99,000 Zoom
Custom Web App Solution
  • Admin panel
  • Complete customized business website
  • Search engines friendly pages
6+ months $99,000 + Uber

Next, we will divide each web development phase and discuss its cost.

Phase Wise Web Development Cost

phase wise web development cost

If you are wondering about how to create a web application and its cost. We have explained each web development phase and the cost depending on factors like website development time, the complexity of development, and location. Let’s discuss each web development phase in detail along with information like action points, designing tools, location, and estimated cost.

Want to Build a Website Within an Estimated Budget?

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  1. UI/UX Design

  2. The UI/UX and web designers will generally work side by side. UI/UX designers will create a working prototype initially. The prototype will help you understand how your web app design will function and to know whether it will look appealing to your target audience or not.

    Therefore, it is essential to invest your time in this stage. In fact, your web app design will determine the development stage. Here are 3 different stages that are included in the UI/UX and web design process.

  • Audience Research – The core audience and their preference will be determined. Then, competitor research will be performed to understand what type of audience will use your website.
  • Sketching Wireframe – Our team designer will sketch the wireframe and perfectly place the elements according to your requirements.
  • Prototype Creation – Based on the wireframe, the final prototype will be created by web designers by using professional tools like Adobe XD and Sketch.

The table below includes the information about action points, designing tools, location, and estimated cost based on the location. Please have a look at it.

Action Points Designing Tools Location Estimated Cost
  • Create user-centered designs
  • Determine how users interact with the app
  • Design user flows, wireframes, prototypes, low and high fidelity mockups
  • Performing metrics analysis post-launch
USA $60 – $110/Hour
Canada $60 – $110/hour
Latin America $45 – $55/hour
Europe $35 – $60/hour
Asia $30 – $45/hour
  • Front-end Web Development

  • The front-end web development is the graphical representation of the website. Generally, users tend to observe the website design first. Therefore, the user-friendliness and search engine optimization of the website is an essential factor to consider while designing a website. Developers use a website builder to design a front part of the website too.

    Without creating an appealing design, user engagement might deteriorate. Therefore, to help create appealing web designs, we have listed down the best front-end technologies, which our team of web app developers uses.

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • SASS, LESS
    • Angular
    • React

    QA engineers will also participate in this stage and work side by side with front-end developers to test modules.

    Action Points Frameworks Approx Web App Cost Estimated Cost
    • Building responsive and dynamic website
    • Creating web animation
    $35 – $45/Hour $1500 – $2500
  • Back-end Development

  • The heart of any web application is backend development. Imagine filling out all the details in the registration form, clicking submits, and nothing happens. You will feel frustrated as a user, won’t you? The backend development includes the logical part of the web app.

    Here are the core parts of back-end development.

    • Third-party API integration
    • Data processing
    • Complex queries
    • Management of database server-side framework, server, and operating system

    Use these backend development frameworks to develop a custom website with strong logical parts.

    • PHP
    • Node.js
    • ROR (Ruby on Rails)
    • Python
    Action Points Frameworks Approx Web App Cost Estimated Cost
    • Coding the logical part of the web app
    • API, third party integration
    $35 to $45/Hour $1000 – $2000
  • Testing, Deployment, and Web Maintenance

  • After the QA team is done testing the web app, the web app will be deployed for the client to test it from their end. If any issue is found, the QA team needs to check and resolve the issues.

    4.1. Testing

    Action Points Testing Tools Location Estimated Cost
    • Testing an app through its paces on a variety of networks and setups
    • Validating functional and UX test cases across various screen sizes and requirements
    • Perform manual testing.
    • Apache JMeter
    • Manual testing
    USA $70 – $90/hour
    Canada $60 – $90/hour
    Latin America $30 – $50/hour
    Europe $30 – $55/hour
    Asia $25 – $35/hour

    4.2. Deployment

    Here are the services that need to be purchased to deploy your web app successfully.

    Services Cost (Approx)
    Domain $10 – $15 per year
    Web hosting $40 – $200 per year (Depends upon web hosting provider)
    Service charges Depends upon the company’s policy

    4.3. Maintenance

    We offer 90 days of free website maintenance in case of any query related to the website. Please know that website maintenance does not include new feature development.

    Determine Location-wise Web Development Cost

    The below image illustrates the web app development costs by region. The charges vary depending upon the location. Also, you can check the development cost varies depending on the type of web app, where a complex app is costlier, a simple app is less expensive.

    web app development cost by region

    The below table contains the information about the location, the developer’s charge per hour, and important notes about how each task will be performed.

    Location Developer’s Charge Per Hour Action Points
    USA $45 – $90/hour
    • Define the exact target audience
    • In-depth competitor analysis
    • The roadmap of sales, revenue, market, and profit
    Canada $40 – $80/hour
    Latin America $30 – $80/hour
    Europe $35 – $90/Hour
    Asia $30 – $50/Hour

    Understand the Engagement Models to Determine the Exact Cost

    We, at Space-O, use these engagement models that will ask you to select your budget, project timeline, development type, and the purpose of developing a solution. Based on this selection, our web expert will share the exact website development price with you.

    We have mentioned each stage with its explanation in the below table.

    Stage Explanation
    Define project scope The price will be determined based on the complexity of your web app.
    Define features Determine the exact web app features
    Define development team The number of developers determines the cost
    Decide hiring model Choose whether to hire in house developers, freelancers, or a web app development company
    Define timeline When to release a final web app
    Define location The development charges vary based on the location

    You can quickly find out the typical rate of developing features and hourly rates of developers in your local area now by considering above mentioned factors.

    Want to Know the Exact Web App Cost?

    Want to validate your web app idea? Want to get a free cost estimation from our web experts?

    How to Save Web Development Cost?

    save web development cost

    Is your web application development budget burning a hole in your pocket? We have a solution for you.

    By planning your web development systematically, it is possible to save up to 20% of your overall cost of web development.


    Follow these three tips to save your web development cost.

    1. Developing MVP Model

    2. Mainly startups go with the MVP model option. MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It means developing a website with limited and essential functionalities.
      You might be unaware that the biggest social media company, Facebook, was started as, which was the MVP version of Facebook. Later in 2004, thefacebook converted into Facebook, opened for anyone to sign up and connect.

      Similar to Facebook, initially you can launch the MVP version of your web app, test the functionality and get user feedback from the market. The table below contains 4 points that will help you to save MVP development costs.

      How does developing an MVP version save cost?

      • Cuts costs by only including relevant features and functionalities
      • Use client-centric features
      • Takes less time to build with an agile development approach
      • Allows you to attract specifically targeted customers and potential investors
    3. Focus on 3rd Party Integration

    4. Rather than developing specific functionalities for each module, use free APIs, which will save you development costs and time.
      For example, if you want to integrate maps in your web app, use Google Maps API. Also, APIs like URL shortener will help you to shorten the URL by easily integrating it in your web app. All of these APIs are completely free to use.

      How do free APIs save costs?

      • No need to purchase pay for APIs
      • No need to develop an API from scratch
    5. Develop a Web App Using Ready-Made Templates

    6. Custom build web apps cost higher compared to WordPress development. In the initial stage, if you don’t want to spend your entire budget on web app development, choose template-based WordPress development. Hundreds of website templates out there in the market are directly usable.

      How will ready-made templates save cost?

      • Compared to designing and building templates, ready-made templates costs less and saves hours of work
      • In less time, the entire development process will be completed (by saving time, you can save cost)

      Above, we discussed each phase to understand the cost of web development.

    Now, let’s discuss which question to ask prior to selecting a web development company.

    Questions to Ask Prior to Choosing the Right Web Development Company

    You have finalized web app functionalities and are planning to hire a web development agency that will help you to develop a contemporary web app for you. But, before deciding to work with them, you need to ask them these questions. Why? So, you can determine their quality of work and measure the quality of their work against the cost they are charging.

    Here is a list of questions that you need to ask.

    Save and use it when required.

    1. Will you research my business before developing a website?

    2. Know whether the company you are planning to choose is interested in how your business operates or not. Because, without having a complete idea of your business, you might not be able to expect quality results from the website development process.

    3. What is your development and design process?

    4. Understanding the development and design process of web development is essential. The longer the development process, the more you will be charged for the web development services. Because the development cost is directly proportional to the development time. Hence, you should discuss the entire process and development time before finalizing the project.

    5. Do you have a website portfolio I can see?

    6. Always check the web development portfolio before choosing the company. Check whether they have developed a project which matches your business niche. If not, look for other work with similar requirements as yours. You should consider a portfolio as the company’s resume.

    7. Will you provide website maintenance services?

    8. Being one of the top web development companies, we offer website maintenance services. Therefore, enquire about this beforehand. We, at Space-O, offer 90 days of free website maintenance which will help you keep your web app updated and error-free. Even after the 90 days are over, you can continue the website maintenance service by paying a certain amount of fees.

    FAQ About Web Development Cost

    How much do website maintenance costs?

    The website maintenance ranges from $300 to $5000 depending upon the changes, feature integration, and the company that provides web maintenance services. Also, website maintenance costs depend upon the changes you require after your web app development completes.

    Which are the best countries to outsource web development services?

    Ben Frederickson, a Principal Engineer at NVIDIA, collected information about the countries which have the best web developers. According to his research, these 5 countries have the best developers. So, you can prefer to outsource your web development services to any of the following countries.

    • The USA
    • China
    • India
    • The UK
    • Germany

    What are the factors to consider while choosing web development companies?

    The below image illustrates the essential things to keep in mind while choosing a web app development company.

    choosing web development companies

    Want to Save Web Development Cost for Your Business?

    You have learned about how much web development costs, different phases, factors, and how you can save web development costs. Along with that, we have mentioned frequently asked questions that will help you to clear your important doubts.

    It is obvious now that custom website development costs depend upon the requirements you share with your developers. So, it is always wise to clearly plan out your web app features and functionalities before hiring a web development agency.

    We, at Space-O Technologies, provide web application development services from enterprise to startup business. So far, we have developed 350+ websites for our clients. Here are some of the web apps we have built for enterprises.

    If you are planning to develop a web app solution for your business, please feel free to reach out.



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