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group discussion
group discussion

What is a Group Discussion?

The word Group Discussion is not a new thing in the career or professional world. Certain tests need to be taken and cleared before getting into a job, such as an aptitude/ coding test to check your ability in common sense and how good your programming skill is. So here is this blog which will help you to crack on among those tests Group Discussion formally known as GD.

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In general, Group Discussion is a critical round in the selection process of job interview or college admission process. This round withstands your ability to select you in the next round. Group Discussion involves the overall personality of a candidate. His or her communication skills, interaction, behavior, and concentration in the group.

Group Discussion is approximately 15-20 minutes which provides a strong portrait of you and your understanding of Group Discussion Topics. Initially, candidates will be given an approximate time of 5 minutes to prepare for the topic before the discussion kick starts. Panel members keenly observe the communication, confidence, clear thoughts on a topic, convincing and authoritative behaviour, and leadership quality. These are such qualities that will define you for successfully clearing the Group Discussion Round.   

Skills needed to shine in a Group Discussion:

The main categories under Group Discussion Topics are:

  • Current Affairs
  • Business and Economy-related topics
  • Abstract topic
  • Social Issues

Current Affairs

Current affairs are such topics which we are dealing with in our daily life. You should know about the current situation and scenario about our country and world. Newspaper is a great friend dealing with current affairs topics, so build a habit of reading daily news either in a news application or newspaper!

  • Covid-19 – Impact of new deadly virus corona in the global economy. Government part in monitoring and dealing with Covid-19.
  • How important is our mental health in this situation?
  • Pros and Cons of Shutdown of Country.
  • Fund released for covid victim families.
  • Reason for Unavailability of Covid Vaccination
  • Is Online Education and Work from Home coping with people? Are we entering the Virtual world? 
  • How important is Individual data privacy?
  • Taliban attack in Afghanistan
  • Make In India
  • Thoughts about an electric vehicle in India
  • Union Budget of India
  • Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  • The rise in Petrol and Diesel prices
  • Promoting 10th and 12th ICSE and CBSE students

Business and Economy-related topics

  • Role of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in the economic growth of India.
  • Fall of GDP in the country.
  • Falling rupee value in the world market.
  • India a Developed Country?
  • Impact of Make in India in industrialization.
  • Globalization.
  • Success and failures of Demonetization.
  • Entering into the Cashless world.
  • Pros and Cons of Blockchain Technology.
  • Bullet trains in India?
  • Cause, effects, and solution on Poverty in India.
  • Problems and challenges faced in the Agricultural sector.
  • How does the Importing and Exporting policy affect the economy and growth?

Abstract topics

Abstracts topics have multiple explanations, different and creative thoughts given by candidates about the same topic or subject.

  • Women can perform multiple tasks- agree/disagree.
  • Is failure the first step to success is a myth?
  • Profit or Ethics?
  • Is leading better than Managing?
  • How important is Building a plan and executing it?
  • Knowledge is the only thing that matters in the end.
  • Friends, enemies, Zero, Water, blue. 
  • How important is the Patient?
  • Women’s headship is better than men’s?
  • Dependence and Freedom.

Social Issues

  • #Me Too 
  • Boon and Bane of Social media.
  • Impact of Social media in the Business and economic sector.
  • Support for Women empowerment.
  • Cybercrime.
  • Thoughts on Playing the National anthem in the movie hall.
  • KSRTC and Former strike.
  • Change of CM in Karnataka state.
  • Climate Change impacts society.
  • Overrating Social media sensations.
  • Boycotting China.

Handy Tips to give best in Group Discussion

  • Write down the key points about the Group Discussion topic which you already knew. This will help you at the time of discussion.
  • Take the lead during the discussion so that you will be highlighted during the entire discussion.
  • Maintain a soft and commanding tone.
  • Maintain decent body language and behavior.
  • Present yourself in a good manner.
  • Always have an unbiased view of the topic.
  • Never interrupt between the discussions.
  • Glance every point you know about the topic in the given approximate time of 5 minutes.
  • No hesitation and have clearly thought about the topic, do not initiate first if you lack knowledge about the topic.
  • No change of opinion once the discussion starts.
  • Respect others’ points of view.
  • Provide research and studies about the topic you picked.
  • No fights during the discussion!

FAQ about Group Discussion

Q: How should I prepare for Group discussion?

A: Prop up yourself by gathering information around you. Focus on your communication skill. Take a handy note of every new topic you go through.

Q: Which area should be concentrated more?

A: Having Knowledge about every category of Group Discussion is necessary, but concentrating more on Current affairs will help you during the time of Group Discussion.

Q: Can I speak more than a given time?

A: No! As the name says, it’s a discussion between many individuals. Everybody should get equal opportunities, so grabbing other’s time won’t be a good way of presentation.

 Q: Taking the lead in Group Discussion is helpful?

A:  Yeah! Only when you are pro at the topic and giving facts and studies about the topic will you catch the panel member’s eyes. When you have the least knowledge about the topic, then taking the lead will be hectic.

Q: Presenting yourself in a good manner is mandatory?

A:  First impression is best and last impression, so well pamper yourself and have confidence in every line you speak.

I hope this article will help you to clear your Group Discussion around and get into the job you desired for.

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