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International Suspension Announcement of Antminer Spot Gross sales


Dear Valued Antminer Users,

In recent times, Chinese customers have been reselling
miners to withdraw funds or reduce the time that their mining hardware remains
in China. However, the setup of mining farms does not happen overnight, and the
second-hand market is under pressure. To assist the industry towards a smooth
transition, Antminer has temporarily decided to suspend global spot sales.

Kindly note that customers who have already placed previous orders will not be affected. Bitmain will continue to sell futures orders from September onwards. The suspension of spot sales shall be from June to August.

At the start of the year, the market demand of miners was high, and supply was low. Thanks to Bitmain’s R&D and supply chain teams’ efforts, Antminer has achieved the increased production capacity for the future.

Faced with the difficulties during the pandemic, Bitmain
employees have risen to the recent challenge and urgently traveled overseas to
the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, Kazakhstan, Angola,
Congo, Indonesia, and other countries to help customers source high-quality
power resources for the industry.

The development of Bitmain is inseparable from the support
of its customers. Bitmain adheres to the values of “long-term, loyal, and a
win-win” while striving to cope with the industry changes, together with our

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