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Get Premium GFG Programs at Greatest Costs – Geek Week 2021 Unique!


Geek Week

Almost each one of you would agree that a discount offer or sale on the desired product is something that fascinates us the most! And especially for learners, when they get the required courses at a significantly discounted price – it helps them a lot as now they can manage to get other relevant courses also with that saved money to accelerate their learning journey.  But…what if you can get an overall bumper discount on the pack of all your targeted courses…??


Okay, let’s understand it in a more clear way…!!

Suppose, you’re planning to go on trekking – now there would be several things like a backpack, trekking shoes, medical kit, etc. that you must have to carry to avoid any hassle or discomfort throughout. Now, if you can get all these required items in a single purchase with an overall huge discount – don’t you think it would be the best deal for you? Obviously, YES!

Similarly, in Geek Week 2021: a 7-day event from 19th-25th October 2021, you all will be provided with a combination of courses at incredible prices! Our experts have picked some courses for your all-around preparation, whether it be related to Tech Interviews, GATE Exam, Data Structures & Algorithms, and many more, that’ll be shipped to you at a discounted price.  

Let’s take a detailed look at each of the bundles:

1. GATE Preparation Pack

If you’re preparing for the GATE CS 2022 Exam and in a search for quality learning resources then your search gets over here as we got the perfect GATE Preparation Pack for you! In this bundle, you will find all our GATE online courses that are crafted by our expert mentors. These 6 courses are:

These courses will be your GATEway to acing the exam with confidence as here you’ll learn all the important concepts you need to know for your exam.

2. Interview Preparation Pack

This enriching Interview Preparation Pack is for all the individuals who are preparing for the tech interviews to get into their dream companies like Google, Amazon, Adobe, etc. This pack is inclusive of three of our best courses which, when done together, will leave no stone unturned in your preparation. These 3 courses are:

The Complete Interview Preparation course will teach you 4 years worth of syllabus in 6 months. It might sound very fast-paced but we don’t believe in pressurizing our students. As it is an online course, you can do it at your own pace. The Must Do Coding Questions online course consists of all the important coding questions one must do before an interview, and lastly, our Google Test Series, an online course consisting of a series of tests that will help you test all your preparation.

3. Level Up With Java Pack

For those who want to level up their Java Programming skills – we’ve curated this special ‘Level Up With Java Pack’ for learning Java from beginner to advanced level with ease. This bundle will give you access to these 3 courses:  

Java Foundation is an online course where you’ll be learning Java from the very beginning. In the Java Backend Development Live course, you’ll learn backend development with Hibernate, RESTful APIs, and many such tools. There are LIVE classes in this course to teach you Java concepts & how to develop a complete web app with including 3 projects, doubt assistance, Java course content & more. And, the Google Test Series is the perfect resource to test yourself if you’re ready for the next challenge or not!

4. The Competitive Programming Pack

Are you looking forward to acing various renowned coding challenges or contests like ICPC, Google Kickstart, or be a programmer in a top company? If yes, then this ‘The Competitive Programming Pack’ is surely meant for you. This pack consists of three courses that will take you on a skillful journey of being an efficient coder. These courses are:  

C++ STL is an online course that will take you through all the concepts of C++ STL from beginner to advanced level. Further on, you’ll find Essential Math for CP C++ that will help you build and strengthen your mathematical foundations which are deemed to be an integral part of competitive programming. Other than that, the Competitive Programming Live course will be held in real-time where our mentors will teach you all there is to know about Competitive Programming and you can ask your doubts with zero hesitation.

And yes, this bundle also includes cashback vouchers, T-shirts, masks & other cool goodies!

5. Design Your Future

For those who want to get proficiency in System Design – this ‘Design Your Future’ pack is designed by our experts. This pack is inclusive of our 2 most in-demand courses that will help you design your future plans with ease by mastering System Design and Data Structures & Algorithms. These 2 courses are:  

The System Design Live course prepares you thoroughly with System Design concepts and for the interviews for SDE-2 as it is also inclusive of a mock interview and many tips on how to ace them. Moreover, the DSA-Self Paced Online course allows you to master the basics of DSA, practice coding questions & attempt the assessment tests from anywhere in the world! This will further help you to prepare for interviews with top-notch companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and more.  

6. The Full Stack Pack

Nowadays, the demand for professionals who can deal with both the domains Frontend & Backend development i.e., Full-Stack Developers is rising rapidly. Hence, if you also want to upskill yourself to build a worthwhile career in Full Stack Development – you can surely go with this ‘The Full Stack Pack’. This pack is curated by our experts and it includes the following 3 courses:  

In Full Stack Development LIVE Classes, you will learn the basics of Git, Front End Web Development, JavaScript and then will further move on to learning the top two libraries- React JS and Node JS. The ‘Get Started With Android Development’ course will help you build a strong base on the fundamentals of Android Development including the architecture and basic projects. And, Amazon SDE Test Series is a series of tests that will help you brush up on all your skills and prepare you for your dream job!

7. DSA Live for Professionals Pack

Not only for students but we’ve something very much worthwhile for working professionals also – and it is, the ‘DSA Live for Professionals Pack’. This pack is inclusive of three courses that will help you prepare thoroughly for all the interviews you’ve got coming. These 3 courses are:

The Low-Level Design for SDE 1 Interview online course helps you to understand all that there is to know about Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for SDE 1. Further on, DSA Live for Working Professionals is an interview-centric course where the main focus will be to help you increase your problem-solving skills so you don’t fall behind during your interview process. This is a highly important part of the interview process and this course will cover it all for you. And lastly, the Google Test Series will give you that final push that one needs before their interview.

8. First Byte Of Programming

For those who are new to the world of programming, we’re here to guide them and make their programming journey as easy as possible – and with the same reason, we’re providing them with this ‘First Byte Of Programming’ pack. The courses here are:

The First Step to Coding is a live course, i.e, it will be taking place in real-time. Here you will be learning from industry experts and can ask all your doubts with zero hesitation. In this course, you will learn all the beginner concepts to Data Structures and Algorithms. Then, the  Python Programming for School Students course will help you understand the basics of python programming from an absolute beginner level. Further on, the HTML for Beginners Online Course will help you to learn and master HTML skills quite effectively and interestingly.  

Note: This is a Geek Week 2021 exclusive and will not be available after 25th October 2021.

Also, let us tell you that you can easily access all the courses of the respective bundle using the special code that you will get once you’ll make the payment for the bundle. Now, what are you waiting for…?? Pick out the relevant bundle and grab the best deals at GeeksforGeeks Premium Courses to get closer to your career goals!

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