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Characteristic Fridays – Episode 96


Since Cloud Director 10.3.1 we have included a neat feature called API Token, now you can drive secure API access and more automation. Access to Cloud Director should always be tightly controlled and we recommend using multi-factor authentication to the user interface as a good practice, but for the API this presents a dilemma, sharing usernames and passwords is not a good practice and is not advised, also using 3rd party token interception is often tricky. In the past, this made it difficult to widely share automation scripts and take advantage of the significant cloud API and things like Terraform.

Bring in the VMware Cloud Director API Token feature that enables the generation and usage of API Tokens by cloud providers and tenant administrators natively in the platform.

Watch this Feature Friday to see how you can generate, enable, commission, and revoke API tokens to your tenants to drive more consumption via automation and generate more usage of API-driven architectures.




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