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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Characteristic Friday Episode 65 – VMware Software Catalog

Welcome to the next level catalog capability!

Let’s start by finding out what this could mean to your business and your customers. As a VMware Cloud Provider, you deliver infrastructure services to tenants, hopefully you have curated catalogs of secure OS builds etc. But do you have customers driving app modernisation strategies with containers? Are you delivering container services? (Now here’s the next level bit!) Do you have a curated library of application components (containers and VMs) that you can upsell your tenants, that are specific to their needs, functionally tested, upgrade tested, tested for security exploits, continuously maintained, IT-policy-compliant and much more? No? Then carry on reading!

Great news, the VMware Application Catalog is available for Cloud Providers and provides  pre-packaged, enterprise-grade app building-blocks to your tenants who are working on app modernisation / development. If your tenants are developing solutions using containers, they will be using a myriad of solutions, many of which are built on a myriad of other solutions, most if not all, are freeware, open to public contribution. It is likely they are not going to be 100% secure.

So now we have set the scene, watch this Feature Friday featuring Shagun Tewari (Senior Manager, Product Marketing & Strategy) and Daniel Liszka (Product line manager, VMware Application Catalog) as we dive into what VMware Application Catalog is, where it is come from, how it’s different from Bitnami’s free edition and why it will help you sell a significantly relevant service to your app modernization customers.

For more information about VMware Application Catalog, please reach out to the team at: tac-sales@groups.vmware.com



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