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alternate charge – At what level ought to one simply quit wishing and hoping for one thing that by no means occurs?

Holding since early 2013. But since I'm not (and certainly wasn't) some kind of millionaire, it's not like I was able to buy tons back then, even though it was so cheap. So I only have a handful of BTC. Which doesn't even come close to buying even the lousiest little home.

For years and years, I've been spending unbelievable amounts of time and energy reading discussions and manuals, watching videos, listening to podcasts, asking questions, discussing it, learning everything I can, and “holding my thumbs” every day when I power on the computer and open my control panel which always shows the current Bitcoin price to me.

Again and again, it has let me down. These people who try to predict the price truly have no clue. All “models” and “technical analysis” are just nonsense. In spite of endless “bullish news”, nothing happens to the price. It just sits there and crabwalks, or even goes back down again. It never “takes off”.

No, I'm not at all “happy for the gains”. I have had no “gains”. The day I finally sell them (or use them), I will no longer have them, and am forced to pay massive taxes. It's unthinkable as long as the price is this low. Yes, I consider the current price extremely low. Even the predictions of 100k+ USD this year felt really sad to me, but even that isn't coming true now from the looks of it. That “PlanB” guy was yet another clueless scammer.

All this has heavily affected my mental health. I'm starting to feel like I've been tricked way too many times now, and it's no longer sensible to keep hoping for this revolution that never comes. Selling them at this price is impossible, especially considering the taxes. But I also cannot just “forget about it for a few years”, because there is no time left.

This was supposed to be “it”. The end of 2021 = massive exponential growth, at least 2x or up to 10x. But it doesn't happen. The price is just sitting there and mocking me, and I'm so tired of it all. I can no longer take these people seriously who keep saying that “it's going to happen any day now”, and then it just doesn't. It's always going to be “in thew next few months”. But then we get there, and nothing happens.

I don't understand how this can be possible. It used to be that the price went up a lot whenever there were good news related to Bitcoin, but now it has zero effect anymore. Absolutely zero. It never moves up. Just look at the all-time price curve. It's inexplicable to me, even with all the manipulation going on. It shouldn't be possible. Yet it's the case.

When to stop hoping and forget about this? I still won't sell my measly coins or waste them, but I mean mentally adjusting to “no, I'm not going to ever get that house of my own to live in”. I truly feel as if I'm just getting my hopes up again and again, only to be let down. It's like Bitcoin is no longer this “secret”, but known to everyone, and has just flatlined forever.



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