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Episode 523: Jessi Ashdown and Uri Gilad on Knowledge Governance : Software program Engineering Radio

Jessi Ashdown Uri GiladJessi Ashdown and Uri Gilad, authors of the book Data Governance: The Definitive Guide, discuss what data governance entails, why it’s important, and how it can be implemented. Host Akshay Manchale speaks with them about why data governance is important for companies and organizations of all sizes and how it impacts everything in the data lifecycle from ingestion and usage to deletion. Jessi and Uri illustrate that data governance helps not only with enforcing regulatory requirements but also empowering users with different data needs. Jessi presents several use cases and implementation choices seen in the industry, and Uri walks through how this is easier in the cloud for a company to go from having no policies over their data to having something that is quickly useful. They describe some regulatory requirements that exist today for different types of data or users based on location and talk about getting started to build a culture around Data Governance for smaller organizations that don’t have anything in place.

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