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Drone Guidelines & Rules – The best way to Appropriately Interpret Them

Today’s show is about drone rules and regulations, and how to correctly interpret them.

Our caller for today, Donald if in a fix. He wants to be a responsible, law-abiding drone pilot. But like many, he is confused by the airspace regulation language that is open to multiple interpretations. 

You will learn how to perform an intelligent risk/reward assessment so that you can determine when (and when not) to push the envelope. You will learn how to have meaningful and more effective conversations with law enforcement officers in today’s show.

If you are also finding yourself flummoxed by the airspace laws, going through our Drone Advocacy Kit will surely help you out.

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  • [01:09] Today’s question is about the drone rules and regulations, and how they are susceptible to multiple interpretations
  • [04:58] How are local authorities enforcing drone laws?
  • [06:30] Should you push the envelope when it comes to drone regulations? Learn how to conduct a risk/reward assessment
  • [08:12] How can Drone U help you communicate more effectively with law enforcement authorities? Check out our Drone Pilot Advocacy Kit today!
  • [11:22] Flying responsibly and doing your bit for safer skies



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