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Drone Supply Updates, Black Friday Drone Offers, Autonomous Drones

Walmart Drone Delivery, Autonomous Drones, Flytrex Secures $40M Funding, Black Friday Drone Deals, Drone News….

Welcome to another news show where we share some of the latest and most exciting news from the drone world.

Our first story is today is about drone deliveries.

Specifically, you will learn how retail giant, Walmart has gotten a leg up on competitor, Amazon as it successfully concluded its first drone delivery test flights.

Drone delivery service provider Flytrex was also in the news because of its mammoth $40 million funding raise.

Our next story is about the rapidly changing face of the industry and the future of drone technology.

Skydio, the undisputed leader in the autonomous drone space finally has a worthy contender – Percepto.

We wrap up today’s show by sharing some of the best Black Friday Drone Deals. If you are planning on purchasing your dream drone this holiday season, you must tune in to this segment of the show.

Fly Safe!

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  • [02:57] Walmart scores first win in Walmart vs Amazon drone delivery race
  • [05:51] Flytrap wins 40 million US contract to fund drone delivery business
  • [07:03] Skydio vs. Percepto – the autonomous drone space hots up
  • [09:12] Drones for good – Airworks event highlights how drones are being used for the betterment of the community
  • [10:17] Black Friday Drone Deals – How to find the best deals this year
  • [12:31] Don’t forget to check out these limited-time, awesome deals from Drone U – Expires Soon!
  • [14:48] Is it the right time of the year to buy your dream drone?




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