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Knowledge Maturity and Knowledge Literacy – Podcast


To state as a company we want to become more data-driven is the first step. To truly understand what this means and define a common ground to discuss the progress is the second.

Back in the eighties, the Capability Maturity Model was defined to develop and refine software development processes. Later on, many more Maturity Models were introduced like the Business Maturity Model, the Lean Maturity Model and Agile Maturity Model. To develop and refine the data-driven organization, we created the Data Maturity Model. This model enables us to measure where we stand in our goals towards 2023:

Data Maturity Model Data Maturity Model

One specific element of the Data Maturity Model is about skills. On what level are you able to read, write and speak data. This is captured in the Data Literacy Model. We discuss the interpretation of the Data Literacy Model.

Data Literacy Model Data Literacy Model




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