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Cisco Stay is Right here


The wait is over. At this point the demos stations are built, the presenters are finished with the details of their slides and the DevNet zone is ready to explode with action from attendees. Use the map below to help you on your journey but whatever path you take make sure it leads to the DevNet Zone 😊.

DevNet Zone map

Meraki DevNet Zone Takeover

These are the days when you wish your bed was already made because It’s just another manic Meraki Monday (Woah, woah) There taking over the DevNet Zone day (Woah, woah) ‘Cause that’s my fun day (Woah, woah, woah, woah) Don’t miss DEVNET-1870 day (Woah, woah) It’s just another manic Meraki Monday. The Meraki squad will be in the DevNet zone all day <Read more here> but the real fun starts at 3:00 with snacks, drinks, giveaways and other fun activities. The fomo will be real so don’t miss it!

Meraki devnet zone

Lightning Talks:

If you can’t make it in person tomorrow don’t fret. We have 9 amazing lightning talks scheduled that we can live stream to you at so mark your calendars or check back to this page Tuesday for the recorded versions 😉. The full schedule is below:

In case you haven’t seen the know before you go guide make sure to catch it here, but otherwise I can’t wait to hand deliver physical high fives to DevNet Zone attendees all day tomorrow! See you there!


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