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Can AI make it easier to discover the correct half? This is every little thing that you must know


An asset management solution helps to get the most out of your operations. One of the benefits to a centralized system is the power to know how those assets are performing and which need repair or maintenance. Yet given the sheer volume of assets, not to mention their increasing complexity, it isn’t easy for the technician in charge to always know the right solution or the part required.

Now imagine if you could bring your asset management solution to the next level. What if you could offer your maintenance teams the ability to identify any given part – or asset – in just a few seconds.

Partium and IBM have collaborated to do just that with IBM Maximo Parts Identifier. It’s an AI-enabled part search technology that’s seamlessly integrated into IBM Maximo Mobile. The result: users get blazing fast and reliable search experience for industrial spare parts.

Identify spare parts within 30 seconds through your mobile device camera

Today’s mobile technicians require immediate access to their work orders, reference manuals, the bill of materials and individual part information. ​

Simultaneously, maintenance organizations are struggling with paper manuals, legacy systems, and homegrown catalogs. It’s all happening while everyone is struggling to maximize asset uptimes, manage costs, keep inventory stocks down and train the next generation of workers.

Quickly find the right spare part with Parts Identifier for more efficient maintenance

This is where Parts Identifier for IBM Maximo Mobile comes into play, helping you overcome the challenging nature of industrial environments. With Parts Identifier, technicians can use their smartphone or tablet to snap a picture of an asset part and identify it within 30 seconds – no matter the type, its condition or location.

Three mobie devices with screen shots of Parts Identifier in each.

With Parts Identifier and it’s AI-enabled spare part lookup, technicians can quickly find what they need.

This new search experience means you can dramatically increase maintenance efficiency and technician productivity. With Parts Identifier you can:

  • Increase first-time fix rates. Parts Identifier connects the physical part to work orders, manuals, warehouse stock, and other features. With Parts Identifier and IBM Maximo Mobile technicians have the most advanced digital toolbox in their pocket.
  • Reduce repair times and increase asset uptime. The AI-enabled spare part lookup reduces search times and minimizes trips to terminals, warehouses, and inquiries to senior technicians to identify the correct part.
  • Reduce part search-related costs. Minimize redundant or incorrect spare parts orders and keep the inventory stock low.
  • Introduce a search for technicians on all levels. Parts Identifier is a solution that works for everyone – no matter the experience or seniority – giving every technician the ability to identify the correct part.

For more information on Parts Identifier, read the Solutions Brief, visit the mobile EAM page or talk with an IBM expert.

You’re invited: a new webinar, part of the Maximo Wednesday Webinar series

For business leaders in maintenance, production, supply chain and digitization, we invite you to join us Wednesday, August 18, for a new webinar. It’s a conversation on the role of AI in helping improve processes — and margins — especially when it’s used to supporting field technicians and maintenance staff.

We’ll also discuss how other companies have adopted this AI-based part search. You’ll hear the benefits they’ve experienced and how this technology works with IBM Maximo and Maximo Mobile.  

About Partium

Partium.io is fully committed to solving the spare part search problem. Leveraging multiple AI technologies, Partium offers a unique search experience for maintenance technicians. Available as an SDK, standalone app or Maximo add on, Partium helps technicians to find parts within seconds through its advanced visual and text processing capabilities. Partium is headquartered in Vienna, with offices in Philadelphia, Barcelona and New Waterford, Nova Scotia.

About the IBM Maximo Application Suite and IBM Maximo Mobile

Get the most value from your enterprise assets with the IBM Maximo Application Suite. It’s a single, integrated cloud-based platform that uses AI, IoT and analytics. With it, you can optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.

Built on 30+ years of market-leading Maximo technology, you’ll have access to configurable CMMS, EAM and APM applications. There’s also streamlined installation and administration, plus a better user experience with shared data and workflows.With IBM Maximo Mobile, part of the Maximo Application Suite, you can manage any asset, anytime, any place. It’s a revolutionary, easy-to-deploy platform that provides technicians the right asset operational data at the right time — all in the palm of their hand.





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