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BONUS: Introducing Pix4Dcatch – A Revolutionary App that Simplifies 3D Modeling

In today’s show, we are joined by Angad Singh of Pix4D to discuss their new app, Pix4Dcatch. This app gives you the ability to 3D scan objects using Apple devices.

Regular ADU listeners might be aware that we are huge proponents of Pix4D’s drone mapping software. Their latest product, Pix4Dcatch goes a long way in simplifying 3D modeling, and gives users a much-needed, affordable alternative. In today’s show, you will learn how public safety and small businesses can benefit by using Pix4Dcatch.

Tune in to learn more about this amazing app that puts the power of 3D scanning into your pocket. Fly safe!

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  • [00:40] “]What are some common challenges that mappers face during data acquisition?
  • [03:40] Making data acquisition super simple; Angad explains how Pix4Dcatch works
  • [05:25] What is Paul’s favorite feature on the Pix4D Capture?
  • [06:13] Angad explains how Pix4Dcatch can be used for crime scene reconstruction
  • [08:12] How using Pix4Dcatch can make your overall drone model better
  • [09:38] How the ability to recognize and calibrate colors in Pix4D can help you in accurate MTP construction
  • [11:20] What are some different uses of Pix4Dcatch for small businesses?
  • [13:28] Is it becoming cheaper to model using LiDAR and photogrammetery?
  • [14:13] Does Pix4Dcatch work with iPad Pro LiDAR unit?
  • [14:47] How Pix4Dcatch can be used for facility inspections
  • [15:52] “]How does Pix4Dcatch compare to Matterport?
  • [18:18] What is the ONE thing that the Pix4Dcatch can be immensely useful for?
  • [20:03] How can general contractors utilize Pix4Dcatch?
  • [21:07] Can you add annotations and share models using Pix4Dcatch?



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