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BONUS: How you can Speed up the Success of Your Drone Enterprise with Glenn Labay


Today’s show is a special one as we interview Glenn Labay of Aerial Camera Services LLC who shares with us his distilled wisdom on growing and scaling a drone business.

Glenn, a Drone U student owns a thriving aerial photography and videography business. He reflects back on his entrepreneurial journey and reveals some of the biggest things that have helped him find success. 

You will learn how to develop advanced flying skills and carve out your own niche in a competitive market. Additionally, Glenn reveals some of his biggest business struggles and how he has managed to overcome them.  

And towards the end,  Glenn shares some interesting details about the different jobs that he currently working on. This is a show you do not want to miss. Enjoy!

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  • [00:26] Today’s show is about growing and scaling a drone business
  • [01:38] Glenn’s background information
  • [03:25] How can a drone pilot develop advanced flying skills?
  • [06:00] How to best tackle geofencing issues
  • [08:23] Do you need significant capital investment to create high-quality deliverables?
  • [10:07] How long did it take Glenn to grow and scale his drone business?
  • [11:18] How to get lucrative drone jobs that truly take your business forward
  • [16:01] What is the ONE big challenge that drone pilots typically struggle to overcome?
  • [21:11] How learning the latest in drone technology can catapult you ahead of the competition
  • [22:15] What are some of the jobs that Glenn is currently working on?
  • [24:10] Leveraging experience, and learning from your past mistakes
  • [26:50] Learning to fly like a pro
  • [30:45] Our flight checklist can help you mitigate risk and fly safely
  • [31:46] Is the FAA showing preferential treatment for manned pilots? 




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