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BONUS: Drone Information – Drone Crash with Police Helicopter, Amazon Drone Supply, Altering Dynamics of the Drone Business

Our first story is about a drone crash. This collision happened earlier this year in British Columbia when a Royal Canadian Mounted Police helicopter crashed with a police surveillance drone. Ironically enough, both the helicopter and drone were being used on a joint mission. The RCMP SkyRanger R60 surveillance drone is a tethered drone costing nearly $100,000. Luckily, no one was injured in this helicopter-drone crash. This incident certainly highlights the importance of communication procedures between manned and unmanned aircraft’s.

Our next story is about the drone delivery industry. Back in 2013, Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos famously predicted that drone delivery would become commonplace by 2018. We are in 2020. And Amazon drone delivery is yet to take off in a substantial manner. However, in a delightful little story, we share how Wing Aviation used their drone to deliver textbooks to school kids in the Montgomery school district.

Other topics discussed in today’s story include the changing dynamics of the drone industry, latest updates on the 2018 Gatwick fiasco, filming a protest with a drone, and much, much more…

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  • [00:36] Police helicopter collides with a $100,000 tethered drone in Canada
  • [02:53] Wing Aviation uses drones to deliver textbooks to more than 600 school kids in Montgomery county school district
  • [05:02] Years after Jeff Bezoz’s prediction, Amazon drone delivery yet to take off in a substantial manner
  • [08:18] How to film a protest without a waiver
  • [11:20] Department of Homeland Security invites comments from people regarding the use of drones in emergency situations
  • [14:10] Parrot calls out DJI in their marketing campaign for their new drone
  • [17:20] Has Autel scored a definite legal victory over DJI?
  • [21:29] Couple arrested during Gatwick fiasco in 2018 gets awarded 200,000 pounds
  • [25:57] Drones help rescue father and daughter after canoe capsizes in San Joaquin river in Central California



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