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bitcoin core – Need assistance with OLD WALLET.DAT

I have a problem determining if the coins in this wallet are real in the first place.
I know the passphrase to the wallet.
The original bitcoin qt and the wallet are from another device that was turned off for +/- 3 years.
On the said device the transactions which i will show are confirmed and the coins are displayed in the ballance. The device refuses to continue syncing. Stuck on 560 000 block give or take.
I moved the wallet to latest Bitcoin core version. Confirmed and unconfirmed ballance shows zero , and the transactions in question are unconfirmed /not in memory pool/.
When i put the wallet.dat in the original version i found it in, with synced and -rescan/-reindex commands tried numerous times, confirmed ballance stays zero but the coins are displayed in unconfirmed ballance and so are the transactions. Any atempts to run the addresses in the explorer , returns zero ballance.enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

I can provide additional info if needed.

If the BTC are real and i got the help i need to get them out – 5 BTC reward.

Here is what i've tried…
Listunspent – no result or different qt versions give diffferent addresses where the coins should be.
Listaddressgroupings – no result.
Dumping the wallet and checking every private key – no result.
Wallet.dat loaded in ltc core, bch, bitcoin gold, drk core – nothing.
Dumping the wallet with pywallet – nothing.
Dumping with Btc recovery tool – noting.
Txs of the incoming transaction – not existing.
The wallet.dat file was originaly created in ltc core or i believe the original address is ltc.
In some btc qt versions Listaddressgrouping shows the coins but no address asociated with them just blank.
On the original device, the wallet was running ot bitcoin qt unk beta but there the coins were asociated with LTC address. That address shows 0 txs and 0 ballance when i checked it on the ltc blockchain.



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