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ASSEMBLE Protocol Rallies 200% Following Coinbase.com Itemizing


ASSEMBLE Protocol made its debut on the Coinbase Pro exchange on Wednesday 20th October 2021 according to the official disclosure made by Coinbase. ASSEMBLE Protocol’s token ASM was listed following massive demand from the community on the largest NASDAQ-listed U.S cryptocurrency exchange – Coinbase. The ASM token powers the Assemble Platform, which is purported at managing and spending integrated reward and loyalty points.

Anticipation had been on the rise among holders ahead of the listing. With a user base of around 750,000, the project was primed for a big listing. ASM has also listed on Gate.io and Bithumb Korea, both highly reputable exchanges in the crypto industry. Listing on the Coinbase Pro proves how much faith the market has in the token and has sparked massive adoption since its inception. It should also be noted that Coinbase.com has listed the ASM token on its major platform the day after the ASM-USD and ASM-USDT pairs were enabled on Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase Pro Listing Effect

The announcement came on Wednesday and confirmed that users can now transfer ASM tokens into their accounts for trading on Coinbase Pro. Coinbase will provide support for ASM in supported jurisdictions, the post read. ASM tokens can be traded on the exchange using the ASM-USD and the ASM-USDT trading pairs. Given the influx of trading volume following the listing, ASM’s price surged.

The first 24 hours following the listing saw the price of the digital asset gain over 200%. This sent the price of the asset towards five-month highs. Listing on Coinbase Pro put an end to the long-suffering months that had followed its high in April.

Transaction volume also grew ahead of the listing. ASSEMBLE Protocol reported that it had seen a 26,000% jump in transaction volume, which is attributed to anticipation of the Coinbase listing.

ASSEMBLE Protocol Launches Web Version

ASSEMBLE Protocol has made another stride in its efforts towards accommodating the growing adoption of its platform. The project launched a desktop version of the South Korean mileage integration protocol.

Previously, users could only access the platform through Android and iOS applications. However, with the completion of the web version, ASSEMBLE Protocol broadens the avenues through which consumers can access its services.

Innovations like these have become important given the rate of adoption of the protocol. The Coinbase Pro and Coinbase.com listing triggered a huge influx of trading volume of both centralized and decentralized exchanges, which peaked at $500 million.

What Is ASSEMBLE Protocol?

ASSEMBLE Protocol is a mileage integration protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project utilizes the power of the blockchain to provide consumers with a platform where they can aggregate, manage, and spend mileage and reward points. The unified wallet is connected to leading firms to convert loyalty points into a unified reward point ASP, which users can then convert to ASM tokens.

The idea behind ASSEMBLE Protocol is not a novel one, other projects have offered the same services. However, a defining factor has been the success rate of ASSEMBLE Protocol. Consumers can spend or convert their loyalty reward points right from inside the platform.

2021 has been especially important for the project with multiple listings on major exchanges and a database of approximately 750,000 users. Massive adoption is expected in the days and weeks following the Coinbase Pro listing.





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