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Sunday, November 20, 2022
HomeMobileApple provides $19 Sprucing Fabric to its on-line retailer

Apple provides $19 Sprucing Fabric to its on-line retailer

Apple adds $19 Polishing Cloth to its online store

Does the display on your Apple device need some polishing? Apple has added to its online Apple Store a polishing cloth that will cost you $19. The cloth is safe to use on all of the company's screens including the $4,999 Pro Display XDR. The listing in the online Apple Store notes that the cloth is made from soft, nonabrasive material that “cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively.”
Apple warns Pro Display XDR users not to use just any cloth on the screen and to wipe it only with the cloth that comes with the product. Apple does make a point of saying that the polishing cloth is safe for nano-texture glass. And as you might expect from the company, the cloth is white with the Apple logo etched on it.

Before Apple added it to the online Apple Store, the only way to get the cloth was to request a replacement one for Pro Display XDR users from Apple Support. And when you look at the listing for the online Apple Store, it says that inside the box is a…polishing cloth.

Now Apple took the time to point out which of its products are compatible with this product include the iPhone 6 through the iPhone 13 series, and both generations of the iPhone SE. It also can be used on all iPad mini screens, iPad models from the fifth generation and up, all iPad Air, and all iPad Pro tablets. All Apple Watch models can be cleaned with this cloth as can iPod touch versions from the fourth generation and up.
The cloth is also okay to use on a large number of Macs and you can see that list by clicking on this link.



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