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AnDapt extends programmable energy provide options

Fabless power semiconductor company AnDapt launches programmable power supply solutions for Xilinx Kintex and Artix FPGAs/SoCs. This follows AnDapt’s previous announcement of programmable power supply solutions support for the Xilinx Zynq family. These programmable products can be used as-is or customized using the company’s software design tools.

The Adaptive Multi-Rail Power Platform, or AmP, represents an FPGA-style approach to building power management ICs. Each AmP PMIC incorporates a single and a two-phase DrMOS controller (up to 70A), multiple buck converters (10A/6A), high-current LDOs (up to 2A), load switches, four general-purpose LDOs (200mA), and power-management features like fault protection and sequencing.

Xilinx Kintex and Artix devices can require greater than 11 power rails. In addition, there are variations in the number and power requirements of each rail, depending on the system and application requirements. AnDAPT PMICs meet or exceed Xilinx power performance specifications, while achieving a reduction in solution PCB area. All PMICs use the same silicon, which can be configured to support the customer’s design requirements.

PMICs for Xilinx devices are available on the Reference Design PMIC page of AnDapt’s website. The designs make it simple for developers to pick and choose a solution and get it up and running within minutes for evaluation. Further, the WebAmP software tool allows designs to be scaled both up and down quickly, depending on design requirements.

Reference Design PMIC page


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