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All-New Autel Enterprise, DJI Mavic 3, and The Parrot Anafi AI


This week, we have some exciting news for pilots flying enterprise drones. Autel has launched their all-new drone, the Autel Enterprise which comes equipped with a sophisticated enterprise system. Additionally, you will also learn about Autel’s grand plans for the future in today’s show.

Our next story is about the wildly anticipated drone, the DJI Mavic 3. We share the latest industry rumors regarding specs, pricing, and release date in this segment.

Will DJI equip the Mavic 3 with a mechanical shutter so that you can fly mapping missions? Other exciting possibilities include a wide format camera with 6x zoom and an onboard SSD recorder for faster frame rates.

Other topics discussed on today’s show include Airmap’s now questionable status as a LAANC provider, Parrot’s soft launch of the Anafi AI, and how chip shortage is causing supply chain disruptions within the drone industry.

You do not want to miss this one. Tune in now!

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  • [00:27] All about the exciting Autel Enterprise
  • [02:32] DJI Mavic 3 LEAKED – Can we expect a 2021 release date?
  • [06:48] Has Airmap lost its status as a LAANC authorization provider?
  • [10:22] Updates on Anafi AI launch and early access programs from Parrot
  • [12:25] Chip shortage disrupting supply chains within the drone industry




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